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Overcoming Bad Break-up Therapy

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Overcoming a breakup with someone you love or loved can be one of the most traumatising experiences we can have.. Everyone has experienced this on some level, and so many are looking for a resolution, something that will help to deal with the painful feelings associated with it.

My approach is focussed around the acceptance of what has happened, and how it can build your strength, with a stronger sense of who you are. You may experience heightened emotional states, but nothing I haven’t seen before. The acceptance phase can be painful, but will ultimately bring you a sense of freedom unlike any other.

I am passionate about helping people to recover from break ups and emotional trauma, and I’m positive I will be able to help you overcome your pain, worries, and anxiety. Please, feel free to get in touch to arrange a consultation to discuss further details.

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1 hour Skype session

Overcoming Bad Break Up Therapy

This service will teach you practical techniques to overcome the pain, worries, and anxiety associated with traumatic break-ups, bringing you restored emotional freedom and self sufficiency.


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