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How to meet & attract women in clubs

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The biggest problem you will face when approaching women in a club is nothing to do with the women or how good they look, or how many other guys there are that are ‘better looking’ than you, or even much to do with the quality of your conversation, intelligence or wit. It is all your own problem, and in your mind only!

Let me explain:
You are thinking that she is so special purely on the basis that she is genetically good looking.. And even then, it’s hard to tell, as makeup changes everything. However, I can teach you to approach any woman in a club, and hold your own in the interaction. No more wondering ‘what to say’ or ‘am I good enough’… This product will teach you to effectively approach anyone you choose, without worrying about awkwardness, feelings of worthlessness, or the general fear of rejection.

I will change the way you see and feel rejection, for on the deepest level it is only when you reject yourself that you feel can ever feel rejected by others.

However, this service will not only teach you a more effective mindset for approaching women in clubs and bars, I will also teach you, through live demonstrations, exactly the kind of interactions that women are attracted to. I have a select group of wing girls that I bring with me, to keep everything fun, light and social, whilst teaching you everything I have learned over many years of approaching woman at night. Feel free to arrange a FREE Skype consultation, if you have any further curiosities. I look forward to meeting you.. Whoever you are.

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1 hour infield training

How to meet & attract women in clubs

This service will teach you to effectively approach any woman in a club, eliminating fear of awkwardness, unworthiness, and the general fear of rejection.


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